Chaplain’s Chat – Life is like a game of chess

In some ways, I reckon ‘life’ is like the game of chess. There are many pieces to choose to move, with some moves wiser than others. Do I move my queen to an attacking position or do I make a defensive play with my bishop to avoid an inevitable counterattack? Knowing what move someone else is going to make is impossible to control.

Isn’t this the same in ‘life’? Other people will do whatever they choose to do and we are powerless to make decisions for them – no matter how good or bad we think those decisions are. As in chess, the only choices I am in control of are my own.

So where does this leave us? It leaves us with the challenge to choose wisely, regardless of others’ choices. To choose right and hope others do the same.
As we recognise this truth and rise to the challenge, I am confident our game of ‘chess’ together will be filled with the love, joy and peace we so desperately desire.

If you have a disused or unloved game of chess you would like to find a good home for, then I’m sure the kids in Reading Club would love to give it the attention it so craves for. Donations are most welcome.

Chat soon,
Mr C (Chaplain)