Our school

Getting your child ready for the 21 century

Orange Grove Primary School is determined to provide your child with a cutting-edge education that will prepare them well for the future.

We want your child to develop sound research and analytical skills because this will provide a good foundation for other learning.  Here at Orange Grove, children are given the opportunity to extend themselves if they wish, or if your child is struggling in a particular area or areas, they will have all the support they need.

Our academic studies are combined with a wide range of other subjects including music, art and sports.

Information communications technology (ICT) is a special focus and is integrated seamlessly with the curriculum, just as it is with life outside the classroom. Children from Kindergarten right through to graduation benefit from our investments in this area.

Other special interest areas we teach include Japanese, art and music (and in particular guitar).

Finally, we see physical challenge as an important part of a healthy mind and so we do encourage sporting activities for competition and/or fun. We boast a big oval and new tennis and basketball courts for children to play on.

We are committed to providing the highest standard in education for your child, but importantly we approach education holistically – we nurture your child’s emotional, physical and social development along with their growing minds.