How to keep in contact

There are a number of ways we will keep in contact with you:

Come and have a chat

If you would like to have a meeting with one of our teachers, you are most welcome. Please make an appointment through the school office when possible so that school routines are not disrupted. Generally, so that you get the teacher’s undivided attention, afternoon appointments are preferable to mornings when the teacher is busy preparing lessons for the day.

Parent teacher meetings

These are held towards the end of each term so that your child’s progress can be discussed on a regular basis.

Communication books and/or school diaries

These serve as reminders to students regarding homework, book borrowing, sports/music practice, incursions, excursions and update parents about their child.

Student reports

Formal reporting takes place twice per year at the end of Terms two and four.


Newsletters are produced on a fortnightly basis during each term. They are displayed on school noticeboards, uploaded to our Skoolbag app and to the school website. You may also request to be added to our email distribution list or you can subscribe right now!

Term calendar

At the beginning of every term, a school calendar is sent home with your youngest child marked with significant dates for the school community such as excursions, incursions, days off and other items of interest.


Assemblies are held regularly each term and are advertised in advance through the newsletter to ensure that parents and the community are able to attend. Generally, these are held at 8.45am on a Friday.