Caring for your child

Children who are ill at school

When a child is unwell and the teacher is satisfied that this is so, the child’s parent or nominated person is contacted to collect the child from school.ogps001

In an emergency, you should endeavor to take immediate responsibility for your child. If you or your nominated contact is unavailable, all reasonable measures will be taken to ensure that medical attention is given as soon as possible.

In the case of a medical emergency, we will try to contact you to get your approval for the plan of action for your child. If we are unable to contact you, we will ensure your child receives medical attention as required and the costs incurred forwarded onto you, including ambulance costs if needed.


The school nurse

The school nurse visits regularly; and liaises closely with the school staff regarding health issues at the school and conducts regular screening activities for the Health Department.

Medical action plans

Children with special medical needs at school must have a written medical action plan. The written plan should be discussed with the teacher and a member of the school’s administration at the commencement of each year and must be reviewed regularly. The school must be notified immediately if the plan is to be changed and a copy of the new plan should be supplied to the school.

Medical details

It is important that medical details are kept up to date on school records. Medical information is requested upon enrolment of new children.

Please ensure that the school has your child’s most up to date medical details. If your circumstances change please notify the school immediately. 

ogps467Medications at school

Where a child is required to have prescribed medication during the school day, it is mandatory that your doctor must provide Medication Instruction from Prescribing Doctor.

In particular circumstances permission may be obtained to have teaching staff administer medications at school.

Medications for administration should be contained in a properly labeled container and a Administration of Medication form filled out. Please ensure the medication is delivered to the school and given directly into the care of a staff member


Children receive all of their early immunisations prior to school entry (4-5 Years). The school requires a copy of immunisation records