Every day matters


Every day your child attends school, they will learn something new so it is very important that they come to school every day. In Australia, attendance at school is compulsory from Pre-primary onwards.

Of course, there are many reasons why children may need to be absent from school occasionally.

If your child is absent, please send a note of explanation addressed to your child’s teacher when they return to school. If an absence is unexplained, we will contact you.

Teachers also appreciate, if possible, some notice where possible if your child’s absence is know beforehand so that they can prepare homework or make adjustments to your child’s learning program.

If your child needs to leave school early

If your child is leaving early accompanied by you, it is a legal requirement that you sign them out in the Student Leave Book at the front office.

If your child needs to leave the school early unaccompanied by you, they will require a Standardised Leave Pass, which they must carry with them while they are away from school. Before they need to leave school (preferably the day before) please provide your request for your child to leave school with all details including the date they’ll need to leave, the time your child will be leaving and returning and the reason for your child’s absence. Please ensure you sign and date the note.

We are committed to ensuring your child is safe, so you should always let us know when your child would be away and the reason for their absence. During the time your child has left school we do not hold a duty of care so want to do everything we can to ensure you know the details of the absence, where they are going and with whom.