Camps and excursions

Senior students attend camp every second year. Camps have a variety of aims including fostering cooperation, teamwork, independence and environmental awareness.

Notices detailing excursion information is issued prior to the outing. Please sign and return permission slips promptly to acknowledge receipt of the information. Where payment is required for an extra curricula excursion or incursion, this payment must be finalised before the event.

Money collection

To assist with the collection of money, we ask parents to send the correct money in an envelope with the child’s name and reason or activity for which the money is collected. Some envelopes for this purpose are available in the school office. All monies are paid to the office, or placed in the box in the front office. The school does not have EFTPOS facilities.

Swimming lessons

In-term swimming lessons are conducted each year, with all students from Pre-Primary to year 6 eligible to be involved. Students travel by bus to and from the pool. The Department of Education subsidises the cost of swimming instructors, however parents are requested to pay for the travel and pool entry costs.

Interschool sport

Students in years 1-6 are involved in interschool activities and events such as athletics, football, netball and cricket. These events are run in conjunction with other primary schools in our local area.