Newsletters and Term Planners

The School Newsletter is published every 2nd Wednesday. If you would like to place a notice in our school newsletter please send your information to us by no later than the Tuesday before publishing. We are currently updating the way we send out our Newsletter. If you are not getting the Newsletter emailed to you please contact the front office and let us know your email address. You canĀ subscribe to our eNews and receive our eNews direct to your inbox.

Newsletters – 2017

Term 1 Planner Term 2 Planner Term 3 Planner
Newsletter 1 Newsletter 7 Newsletter 14
Newsletter 2 Newsletter 8 Newsletter 15
Newsletter 3 Newsletter 9 Newsletter 16
Newsletter 4 Newsletter 10 Newsletter 17
Newsletter 5 Newsletter 11 Newsletter 18
Newsletter 6 Newsletter 12
Newsletter 13