Travelling to and from school

Dropping off and picking up your child

Like many schools, our car park can become quite congested during drop off and pick up times.

For your convenience and the safety of our children, please follow these guidelines when using the car park.

  1. All cars in the main car park area should reverse park.
  2. Obey all signage.
  3. Drive only at walking pace (approximately 5km per hour).
  4. When using the Kiss and Drop area do not park your car and leave it.
  5. Obey the 40km per hour limit around the school.
  6. Do not cut across the car park. Instead, walk your child around the edge.

Please note that only staff are permitted to use the main driveway. This is to keep vehicular traffic to a minimum.

If you need further information or require a map, please get one from the school office.

Children riding bikes and scooters to school

The Road Safety Authority recommends that children do not ride unsupervised until they are at least in Year 5.

If your child does ride to school, it is your responsibility to ensure their bikes and scooters are in a roadworthy condition, and children wear a helmet. They should have a chain to lock their bikes and scooters to the bike racks and they are not allowed access to them during school hours.

Bikes and scooters must be kept off the main driveway as this is our main pedestrian access.

Dropping off and collecting Kindergarten and Pre Primary children

Parents of all Kindergarten and Pre Primary children are required to drop off and collect their child from the classroom. If someone other than you or another regular caregiver is going to collect your child, please ensure you advise the teacher ahead of time.