Issue 5, 22 March 2017

Dear Students, Parents and Community Members

Skoolbag App

The Skoolbag app is a mobile app that Orange Grove Primary School uses to communicate directly to parents and students. It works on both smart phones and smart devices such as tablets and iPads. 

Parents who already have the Skoolbag app, please remember to update the Push Categories that apply to you by clicking the "More" button on the bottom right of the App, then "Setup" and toggling on or off the Push Categories that apply to you.

You can download the Skoolbag App for free from the following links.
For Android Users: Skoolbag App
For iPhone and iPad Users: Skoolbag App

If the links are not working on your phone, go into the "Play Stores" (for Android devices) or "App Store" (for iPhone users) and search for the school name. 

For more detailed instructions, see HERE.


The year 2 assembly item on Australian animals was fantastic. The children sang beautifully and there was plenty of action in the song. Well done everyone.

School Choir

The school choir has been accepted to sing in the Schools Massed Choir for 2017 which will be held at the Perth Concert Hall. This is a very exciting venture and will be a memorable experience for those students in years 3 to 6 who are in the choir. Well done to Mrs Alderson for successfully applying for this experience for our choir.

Harmony Day

To celebrate the diversity of cultures in Australia, children will be encouraged to wear different cultural costumes or the colour orange for Friday 24 March.


If there are any parents interested in a playgroup on Mondays commencing next term in the Kindergarten area, please let the office know so that I can gauge whether it will be viable.

School Fees

If families still haven’t paid school fees for this year, please consider paying before the end of March to assist the school to purchase student resources. We are a very small school and rely on fees to supplement the Student Centred Funding we receive from the Education Department. Our fees are the lowest in the area, $40 for the year if you pay before the end of March and $45 from 1 April.

School Psychologist

A new School Psychologist, Ella Squeo, has been appointed for this year. Our previous School Psychologist, Danielle Fry, has recently had a baby and has elected not to return to work. At present we don’t have a permanent appointment to the school but the position will be advertised towards the end of the year for a permanent appointment.

School Camp

The year 5/6 class departed for Point Walter this morning. There is a very comprehensive activities program organised for it and the students are being supervised and looked after by Mrs Reed, Mrs Van (who has been especially employed to assist at the camp), Mr Bathols and Mr Collins. Thanks to these staff who are volunteering their evenings away from their families to take the children on the camp which involves two overnight stays. Thanks also to the P&C for the subsidy provided to all parents. The school has also provided funds to pay for staff who don’t normally work on these days and for the cost of accommodation and catering for staff.

Young Leader’s Conference

From all reports, this was another successful venture and the students who attended all benefited from this experience. It was held at the Perth Convention Centre and there were many inspiring speakers. The cost for the students to attend was paid by the school.

Child Parent Centre – East Maddington

The centre is running very well and is being well used by the community. According to the centre’s data, only one family from Orange Grove has accessed it. It runs workshops on a variety of parenting topics and playgroup sessions. It also provides a range of services including occupation and speech therapy and health services.

Staff Leave

Mrs Dickens has unfortunately taken ill and is on leave until the end of the term. Mrs Turner is relieving Mrs Dickens and will be joining Mrs Wilson in teaching the year 1 class until the end of term.
Lesley Ghent - Principal

National Young Leaders Conference

On March 17 the Student Leadership Team went to the National Young Leaders Conference in Perth. There were five motivational speakers. 

The first was Sam Skinner who talked about how as a leader you need to have core values. We opened our booklets; inside were twenty-eight core values. We had to pick five of the twenty-eight but through the speech we had to get rid of some of our values until we were left with one. 

Next, Darren Lomman talked to us about how he is trying to stop rubbish and then we had Tracy Vo from Today Perth News. She talked to us about the fact we've got to not let mean things affects us. Then we had Rachelle Lynch and Ashleigh Nelson, who are international hockey players talking about that sometimes we won't always get picked for things and we should always try hard. Last but not least Peter Sharp talked. He wants people to connect and trust each other. He doesn't want us to judge each other and be mean.

Near the end, we had a bit of a dance party, a song played and we all got up and danced and had fun. There were huge balls that we all tapped and played with and there were loads of activities during lunch and morning tea. There was a silent disco where we put headphones on and danced. There were photos, dancing and all kinds of activities and there were two hosts and they both set each other a challenge. The girl's challenge was to play the saxophone and the boy's challenge was to dress up and dance.

Lilly - Yr 6




- Drive slowly it's an 8km an hour zone

- Don’t walk through car park, walk around the outside of the car park.
- Reverse parking only.


- Drop Off and Pick up ONLY
- No Parking
- Only for pick up after 3:05pm if child is waiting.
- All children must wait for their parents with the staff member on duty.
- Children are not to walk through the Kiss & Drive area, as this poses a significant safety hazard.



- All of Boyle Lane is now a school zone. From 7:30am to 9:00am and from 2:00pm to 3:30pm on school days you must obey the 40km/hour speed limit. 

Important Dates

Wednesday 22 to Friday 24 March
- Yr 5/6 Camp

Wednesday 29 March
- Yr 5/6 Red Cross Incursion 1:15pm
- PP-Yr 2 Bunnings Incursion 1:00pm

Friday 31 March
- Student Leader Assembly 8:45am
- Yr 3-6 Bunnings Incursion 1:00pm

Wednesday 5 April
- Principal's Lunch 12:30pm

Friday 7 April
- Easter Hat Parade
- Last Day of Term 1
Term 1 Planner
Thank you everyone who participated in our Movie Character Dress Up day. We raised $112.00 for the RSPCA. 
Year 5/6 Student Leaders

Certificate Recipients

Congratulations to the following students who recently received certificates.

Honour Certificates
PP: Arianne
Yr 1: Kyhe
Yr 2: Alison
Yr 3: Broadie
Yr 4: Leilani
Yr 5: Grace
Yr 5: Cale

Values Certificates
Junior: Aryan

Mathlete of the Week
Junior: Ann
Senior: Declan S
Yr 3: Taia
Yr 5: Sofia
Yr 6: Connor J
Yr 1: Addison
Yr 2: Levi
Yr 2: Serenity
Yr 3: Broadie
Yr 3: Daryan
Yr 4: Cassie
Yr 4: Jonathon
Yr 4: Keely

Wonderful Writers
PP: Arianne
Yr 2: Liam B
Yr 3: Taia
Yr 4: Keely
Yr 5: Sofia
Yr 6: Tyson

Parking Around Schools - Did You Know?

Parking on private property or a verge opposite the private property is unlawful unless the property owner has given permission. Don’t risk getting a fine and be considerate of residents who live around schools.

Used Toothbrush and Toothpaste Tube Collection

As part of the sustainability program at Orange Grove Primary School we are collecting old toothbrushes and empty toothpaste tubes. There will be a collection box outside the staff room. 
We will happily receive
  1. Toothpaste tubes and caps
  2. Toothbrush and toothpaste tube outer packaging
  3. Toothbrushes
  4. Floss containers
Please note that electronic toothbrushes and electronic toothbrush parts are not recyclable through this program.
Information on parenting courses being run by Relationships Australia in April 2017 HERE

Canning Districts Hockey Club

Players wanted for 2017 season. 
More info HERE.

Click Here for Term 1 Planner

Click on Underlined Program Name to download a brochure.
Program Venue Day/Time
Animal Move and Sing Amherst Village Function Centre, Southern River Mondays (monthly) 9.30-10.30
Bonding with Books
Maddington Central Shopping Centre
Livingston Marketplace, Canning Vale
First Thursday of the month 10.00-11.00
Third Thursday of the month 10.00-11.00
Safety Around the Home
(Basic first aid and CPR workshop for parents/carers with children under 5 years)
Leisure World, Thornlie Thursdays 9.30-11.30
23 February
23 March
27 April
25 May
Park Play Sutherlands Park Playground, Huntingdale
Walter Padbury Playground, Thornlie
Mills Park Nature Play Space, Beckenham
Tuesdays 3.00-5.00
Fridays 9.30-11.30
(rotates between the 3 parks)
Dads and Kids Disco Amherst Village Function Centre, Southern River Friday 10 March 6.00-8.00
The Big Messy Play Day Mills Park Nature Play Space, Beckenham Wednesday 8 March 10.00-12.00
Triple P Seminar Series
(Positive Parenting Program)
Don Russell Performing Arts Centre, Thornlie Wednesdays 6.00-8.30
1 March
29 March
3 May
Lil Buzz (for girls 9-12years) Thornlie Community Centre Wednesdays 3.30-5.30