Issue 1, 1 February 2017

Dear Students, Parents and Community Members


Welcome back to all the families at Orange Grove Primary School. I hope that everyone had a safe and refreshing break and is ready for another special year of schooling at Orange Grove Primary School.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all our new families, especially to our Kindergarten children and their parents and caregivers. I hope that your journey at this school will be a very happy one.


There will be a special welcome back to school assembly on Friday 3 February where the new student leadership team will be announced.

Staff at Orange Grove 2017

I wish to welcome back all our staff this year. Miss Cole is on long service leave for 5 weeks and Mrs Heffernan is stepping up as the Deputy Principal for this period of time. Ms Fry our School Psychologist is on maternity leave and will be returning to school in Term 2.
The classes and staff at Orange Grove Primary School for this year are as follows:




 Mrs Banzic
 Mrs Faranda
 Mrs Dowe
 Mrs Burette
 Year 1

 Mrs Dickens/
 Mrs Wilson
 Mrs Faranda/
 Mrs Smith
 Year 2
 Ms Harrington
 Mrs Honeysett
 Year 3/4
 Ms Bawden
 Year 5/6
 Ms Anderton/
 Mrs Reed

Specialist Teachers

Music Mrs Alderson
Visual Art/PE Mr Bathols
Drumming Mr Bathols
Instrumental Music Mr Graham


Support Staff

Business Manager Mrs McHugh
School Officer Ms Bifield
Mr Collins
(Thursdays and Fridays)
Library Mrs Smith (Tuesdays)
School Psychologist
Ms Fry (Tuesdays –
fortnightly from Term 2)
School Gardeners Mr Burrow & Mr Panizza

Traffic and Parking at School

Please take great care when driving through the school and car park. There are rules that all drivers need to follow for the safety of our children which is paramount. The rules are as follows:
  • speed limit is 8kph
  • reverse park in the car park
  • NO PARKING around the Kiss and Drive and that includes against the tree. Drivers must remain in the car.
  • Walk around the car park not through it
Please take note of all traffic signs at school. Under the School Education Act, Regulation 88 states that a person must comply with a sign, notice or marking or with a direction while on school premises with a penalty of $200 to $1000 for non-compliance.  I would hate to have to enforce these penalties so please take care and follow the rules. Thank you.

Smoking and dogs on School Grounds

Smoking is prohibited on all Public School grounds which includes the car park. Please refrain from smoking on the school grounds. Dogs, no matter how friendly, are not allowed on school grounds as there may be children who are frightened of dogs and also it is very busy at drop off and pick up times and there is not enough space.    

Vacancies for 2017

There are a few vacancies available in Kindergarten only. Unfortunately there are no vacancies in any other year levels.    

Supervision of students before and after school

Unfortunately, due to the lack of staff availability, it is not possible to provide supervision of students prior to 8:15am. Parents will need to organise their own supervision with day care if they need to drop off students before 8:15am. Students arriving at school between 8:15am and 8:30am will be supervised at the Reading Club in the room next to the staff room. All students who arrive at school between 8:15am and 8:30am need to go directly to the Reading Room as classrooms will not be open till 8:30am when teachers are preparing for the day. Students arriving between 8:15am and 8:30am who are being supervised by their parents need to stay with their parents until 8:30am.

Students waiting to be picked up between 3:05pm and 3:20pm and between 2:30 and 2:45 on Thursdays will be supervised under the trees near the Kiss & Drive. Please advise the office if you are going to be later than these times on the rare occasion that this might happen. If it’s going to be a regular event, please organise day care or make other arrangements to have your child/ren picked up on time.

School Newsletters

Next week and every fortnight thereafter the school newsletter  will be emailed or published in an electronic format available on the school website and through the Skoolbag App for Orange Grove PS in order to be environmentally friendly and save on the use of paper. If you do not receive a copy of this newsletter by email, please send a request to be added to our email list to 
The Orange Grove PS Skoolbag App can be downloaded free on to Apple and Android smartphones from the Apple App store or Google Play. Just search "Orange Grove Primary School" in either store to find the App to install.

School Uniform

School uniforms are compulsory for all public schools and as an Independent Public School it is important that we project a good public image and be united in our presentation. All uniforms must display the correct logo for our school and follow the school dress code.
The school dress code states that the uniform is:
  • Polo red shirt with blue collar displaying the school logo
  • Navy blue pleated skirt or skort, shorts or trousers
  • Black closed in shoes/flat semi closed sandals or black or predominantly white sneakers
  • White ankle socks
  • Navy school hat (wide brimmed or bucket)
The faction shirts may be worn for PE lessons on Mondayss or sport on Fridays and at faction carnivals but not for school excursions, special school events or school photos.
A detailed School Dress Code Policy can be viewed HERE and is always available on the school website

Should you have concerns or issues with your children at school please don’t hesitate to contact the class teacher, the Deputy Principal or me before you post anything on social media. It is better to have issues clarified and cleared up first and remember that for most of you, Orange Grove Primary School is your school of choice and we hope that your children will have a very positive learning journey here. Our vision is about creating a positive environment and providing opportunities for all children to achieve their best

Lesley Ghent - Principal

Term 1 Planner

Important Dates

Friday 3 Feb
- Welcome back assembly 8:45am

Friday 17 Feb
- Yr 5/6 Assembly 8:45am

Wednesday 22 Feb
- Yrs 1-6 Constitution Centre Incursion

Thursday 23 Feb
- P&C AGM 8:45am

Monday 6 March
- Labour Day Public Holiday

Friday 17 March
- Yr 2 Assembly 8:45am
- Yr 6 Young Leaders Conference

Tuesday 21 March
- School Photo Day

Wednesday 22 to Friday 24 March
- Yr 5/6 Camp

Thursday 23 March
- P&C Meeting 8:45am

Wednesday 29 March
- Yr 5/6 Red Cross Incursion 1:15pm
- PP-Yr 2 Bunnings Incursion 1:00pm

Friday 31 March
- Student Leader Assembly 8:45am
- Yr 3-6 Bunnings Incursion 1:00pm

Wednesday 5 April
- Principal's Lunch 12:30pm

Friday 7 April
- Easter Hat Parade
- Last Day of Term 1