Parent Info


The very active P&C Association that operates at our school is a great link between parents in the community and the school leadership team. P&C meetings are a great place to voice your opinions on school issues. Your involvement is very valuable.

The P&C also fundraises to provide additional amenities for the school. With their tireless efforts they have been able to provide computers, playground equipment and various learning resources.

Check the term planner for the next P&C meeting date.


2019 Executive Committee

President: Aimee Troy

Vice-President: Kara Brown

Secretary: Casey Hurst

Treasurer: Cathy-Lee Wansi

Other: Rebecca van Leeuwen, Jess Dorrington, Wendy Burke and Lyndal Seaton


Fundraising Sub-Committee Coordinators

Wendy Burke and Rebecca van Leeuwen


Parent Child Morning Sub-Committee Coordinators

Amanda Kinsella, Cathy-Lee Wansi and Jess Dorington