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Contributions & Charges

The cost of schooling such as instruction, administration and school buildings is met by government funding. A school’s budget can be supplemented by (for example) special grants and local fundraising. In addition, the Education Act and the School Regulations allow schools to prescribe certain charges and voluntary contributions to further enhance a student’s learning experience.


The total amount of contributions parents/caregivers are being asked to pay has been set at $45.00 per student in Kindergarten to Year 6 and if paid by 31st March 2023 you only have to pay $40.00 per student, which complies with the School Education Act.

The contributions received by the school will be used to supplement school expenditure in curriculum areas. While the contributions are voluntary, the quality of our teaching and learning program is enhanced when each family makes the valuable contribution.

Your valuable Voluntary Contribution helps with providing the following materials, services and facilities:


  • Printed and electronic materials which are related to the educational program and are provided for the student to borrow or keep (e.g. text books, dictionaries, atlas and workbooks).
  • Web based curriculum materials/resources, such as JamF and Student Apps for iPads.
  • Cooking ingredients.
  • Stationery items, photocopy paper and craft supplies.
  • Materials that are provided by the school for the student use or take ownership of a finished article produced by the student with the materials (e.g. materials in art and crafts, design and technology, science activities).
  • Increased number of electronic devices and software for student use.
  • Supplemented incursion/excursion costs to enhance curriculum messages.
  • Materials for inclusion in the school’s library for use by students.

Services and Facilities

  • Providing equipment or a venue (other than the school) in order to conduct an educational activity (e.g. hire of specialist equipment or venues).

To make payment of contributions easier, we have included the contributions on the 2023 Personal Item lists.

Alternatively, payment can also be made through the school office by cash, EFTPOS or direct debit to the following:

Account Name: Orange Grove Primary School

BSB:                                       066 040

Account Number              1990 0524

Please remember to include student name as a reference.

Payment of contributions can be made in a single contribution of $45.00 or in multiple payments throughout the year. Please contact the MCS to arrange a payment plan. (9232 3401)

Charges for Extra Cost Options – Schedule 2023