Issue 6, 5 April 2017

Dear Students, Parents and Community Members

The last day of first term is Friday 7 April. The school will be closed for the holidays until Wednesday 26 April, the day after ANZAC Day. Please stay safe over the holidays and enjoy them with your children. We will see everyone back at school on Wednesday 26 April.

Harmony Day

Orange Grove Primary celebrated Harmony day on Friday 24 March. The students looked fantastic dressed in clothing to represent different cultures, or in orange to represent Harmony.

Friday Morning Meeting

There will be a hat parade for everyone at this Friday Morning Meeting 7 April in the CAVE. There will also be the GOLD card awards for the term and the Twiggle cards PAThS kid of the month award. The P&C will also be holding the Easter raffle prize draw on Friday morning. Thank you to all the families who provided donations for the raffle.

Languages Survey

Thank you to all the families who took an interest and lodged a survey indicating their preference regarding the language to be taught at the school as from next year. The results of the survey will be discussed at a School Board meeting next term. If you haven’t lodged a survey and would like to, there is still time to lodge one and be in the draw for a prize. If you have lodged a recent language survey, please let the office know or come into the office to collect a raffle ticket for a prize draw on Friday morning.

Principal's Lunch

Congratulations to the students invited to the Term 1 Principal's Lunch. 
Kindergarten: Celine and Jacob
Pre-primary: Jaliyah and Jaxon
Year 1: Joe and Rachelle
Year 2: Aiden L and Peyton
Year 3: Charlize
Year 4: Lachlan E
Year 5: Grace I
Year 6: Bonnie


There will be a playgroup coordinated by Vanessa Inwood in the Kindergarten next term starting on Monday 2 May at 8:45am. The playgroup is not restricted to families attending Orange Grove Primary School. If any parents are interested in bringing their pre-school children to a playgroup, please come along on Monday 2 May. 

Bickley Camp Open Day

The Bickley School Camp is having an open day on Sunday 30 April. The P&C are holding a cake stall to raise money for resources for the school to benefit all children. Please donate ready-made cakes or ingredients to the P&C to assist in raising money for the school. Thank you.

School Fees

School fees are now $45 as from April 1. If families still haven’t paid school fees for this year, please consider paying to assist the school to purchase student resources. We are a very small school and rely on fees to supplement the Student Centred Funding we receive from the Education Department. Our fees are the lowest in the area.

Start Smart

The students from Pre-primary to Year 2 were involved in an award winning, free financial education program on Thursday 9 March. As part of the participation in this ‘Start Smart’ program the children have been given one Teleporter Adventure Kit each to take home today to open with their parents/guardians.

Enjoy your holidays and we’ll see everyone back on Wednesday 26 April.

Lesley Ghent - Principal

Red Cross Incursion

On Wednesday 29 March the Red Cross Foundation came to the year 5/6 class. We learnt about refugees and we played a game. It was very interesting because I thought the refugees were bad people but they’re not.
Lawson B - Yr 6

The Red Cross came to talk to the year 5/6 class about asylum seekers and refugees. We were told that seeking asylum and feeling safe is a human right. We watched a presentation about asylum seekers. We also played a game where we had to escape and take six items and six people. On the way we lost two items and someone took two items. We then had to leave two people behind. It was very interesting. 
By Stephen K - Yr 6


On Wednesday 22 March the year 5/6 class and some of our patient and awesome teachers all went to the Point Walter camp for three days. We did many exhilarating and fun activities including kayaking on the pristine Swan River, crate climbing in the fantastic high ropes area, doing the amazing flying fox and so many more great team building activities. Camp has been amazing with the help of the tolerant teachers who supervised us through this memorable time. Some great skills I have developed are teamwork, patience and persistence.
Imogen  - Yr 6

On Wednesday 22 March the Year 5/6 class and Mrs Reed, Mrs Van, Mr Bathols and Mr C got on the bus at 9:00am and left for camp at Point Walter. We stayed for two nights and got back on Friday. We did a lot of fun activities. They were based on water games, team games and a couple were with heights. My favourite activity was the flying fox because it was really challenging but once you tried it you wanted to do it again and again. The skills we learnt were teamwork, leadership, tolerance, to not give up and to listen to other's ideas. We had a lot of fun and I would rate it five out of five stars.
Nikita - Yr 6   




- Drive slowly it's an 8km an hour zone

- Don’t walk through car park, walk around the outside of the car park.
- Reverse parking only.


- Drop Off and Pick up ONLY
- No Parking
- Only for pick up after 3:05pm if child is waiting.
- All children must wait for their parents with the staff member on duty.
- Children are not to walk through the Kiss & Drive area, as this poses a significant safety hazard.



- All of Boyle Lane is now a school zone. From 7:30am to 9:00am and from 2:00pm to 3:30pm on school days you must obey the 40km/hour speed limit. 

Important Dates

Friday 7 April
- Easter Hat Parade
- P&C Easter Raffle Draw
- Last Day of Term 1

Tuesday 25 April

Wednesday 26 April
- Students return for term 2

Friday 28 April
- ANZAC Assembly
Term 2 Planner

Kindergarten and Pre-primary Enrolments

Applications for Enrolment to Kindergarten and Pre-primary in 2018 are now being accepted at the front office. If you have a child due to start Kindergarten in 2017 (born 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014) or Pre-primary (born 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013) please pick up an application for enrolment package from the front office. 

Certificate Recipients

Congratulations to the following students who recently received certificates.

Honour Certificates
PP: Aiden H
Yr 1: Mitchell
Yr 3: Summa
Yr 4: Phoenix
Yr 5: Nathan
Yr 6: Tahlia

Values Certificates
Senior: Anthony
Senior: Joshua

Mathlete of the Week
Junior: Ann
Senior: Summa
Yr 2: Mia W
Yr 3: Charlie
Yr 3: Oliver B
Yr 3: Summa
Yr 4: Ziggy
Yr 6: Lilly

Wonderful Writers
PP: Alyssa
Yr 1: Asmaul
Yr 2: Mia W
Yr 3: Kierah
Yr 3: Grace W

Chaplain's Chat - Plate Spinning

Have you ever seen a circus performer spinning multiple plates on little sticks, running between the plates to ensure they keep spinning and so don’t fall in a crashing heap of china? Amazing stuff!

Unfortunately, sometimes my life feels a bit like that circus performer – frantically spinning my own ‘plates’, just hoping to avoid them all crashing down. How about you?

We all have different types of ‘plates’, but they all demand ‘spinning’. Plates represent the goals or tasks we choose to pursue. These could relate to work, family, friends, local community or the world. Spinning represents all the effort we must muster to achieve these goals.

Honesty time – I hate spinning too many plates. Ironically, I am usually the one choosing the plates I spin. So, why would I do this to myself? Hmmm.

If you can relate to my dilemma, then I encourage you to join me in taking a step back from plate spinning to reflect on life balance. Over this school holiday, I intend to review my plates to ensure I am spinning the correct number and type of plates and hopefully reclaim the life balance I so yearn for. 
Will you bravely join me?

Mr C - Chaplain
See HERE for the Term 2 Calendar for the Child and Parent Centre - East Maddington.

Parking Around Schools - Did You Know?

Walk or ride to school if you can. Research has shown that exercise has many positive effects including improved health and wellbeing and better learning outcomes at school. Walking or riding to school instead of driving will help relieve congestion and reduce your carbon footprint through less car emissions. If it’s too far to travel on foot or bike, consider being dropped off at a safe place closer to school and walk the rest of the way

Used Toothbrush and Toothpaste Tube Collection

As part of the sustainability program at Orange Grove Primary School we are collecting old toothbrushes and empty toothpaste tubes. There will be a collection box outside the staff room. 
We will happily receive
  1. Toothpaste tubes and caps
  2. Toothbrush and toothpaste tube outer packaging
  3. Toothbrushes
  4. Floss containers
Please note that electronic toothbrushes and electronic toothbrush parts are not recyclable through this program.
Information on parenting courses being run by Relationships Australia in April 2017 HERE
Canning Districts Hockey Club ‘Canning Cougars’ HookIn2Hockey Program for Pre-primary to Year 4’s commences on Wednesday 3 May at Ferndale Reserve from 4:30 -5:30pm.
There will be a Fun/Come-and-Try Day on our mini turf on Wednesday 26 April from 4:30-5:30pm. 
Anyone interested in playing Hook in2 Hockey this season should contact Sue Lang, on 0403 793 350 or email secretary.canning 

Still have some vacancies in our junior and senior teams, please email the secretary.